We have a tracking solution to suit all situations - If it moves, we can track it.

From heavy transport to company cars or even your farm tractor, we've got you covered.

Listed below are just three of our tracking solutions we offer but there are many more.

Call us for details.  PH: 1300 794 972

Heavy Transport & Commercial

Our tracking equipment and reporting services will help you manage your fleet more efficiently, reduce costs and increase profits. Track vehicle locations and receive alerts in real time. Meet OH&S obligations by monitoring and improving driver behaviour. Create geofences,  B-Double routes and no-go zones.

Light Commercial & Cars


Track accurate locations and movements of your commercial vehicles and company cars. Create and dispatch jobs to any vehicle from our dashboard.

Easily show Proof Of Delivery with our range of smart reports. Manage driver usage with driver ID fobs. Increase productivity and route efficiency.

Heavy Equipment

If you own heavy equipment and earth moving machinery you will love our tracking and management system. Monitor engine hours. Manage maintenance and servicing. Create billable hours reports. Save fuel by reducing excessive idling. Set up alerts for unauthorised movements (off site) and out of hours usage. Improve theft recovery. Monitor fuel theft.

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