We have a tracking solution to suit all situations - If it moves, we can track it.

From heavy transport to company cars or even your farm tractor, we've got you covered.

Listed below are just three of our tracking solutions we offer but there are many more.

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Heavy Transport & Commercial

Our tracking equipment and reporting services will help you manage your fleet more efficiently, reduce costs and increase profits. Track vehicle locations and receive alerts in real time. Meet OH&S obligations by monitoring and improving driver behaviour. Create geofences,  B-Double routes and no-go zones.

Light Commercial & Cars


Track accurate locations and movements of your commercial vehicles and company cars. Create and dispatch jobs to any vehicle from our dashboard.

Easily show Proof Of Delivery with our range of smart reports. Manage driver usage with driver ID fobs. Increase productivity and route efficiency.

Heavy Equipment

If you own heavy equipment and earth moving machinery you will love our tracking and management system. Monitor engine hours. Manage maintenance and servicing. Create billable hours reports. Save fuel by reducing excessive idling. Set up alerts for unauthorised movements (off site) and out of hours usage. Improve theft recovery. Monitor fuel theft.

Boat 1.jpg
Boat Tracking

If you own a boat you know how expensive they are to purchase and maintain, it

makes sense that you would want to protect your investment with a GPS tracking system. If your boat is stolen you can use our tracking app on your phone to 

locate it and report the address to the police. We can set up unauthorised movement alerts so that you will get an SMS if your boat leaves it's usual address. If you are late home from a fishing trip or get into difficulties your family and friends can see exactly where you are out on the water, help and peace of mind are only a click away.

Car Tracking

Weather it's your pride and joy, a family members car or a company vehicle we have

the perfect GPS tracking solution for you. Track the vehicle from your mobile phone, tablet or computer, current location and trip reports are at your finger tips. Information and peace of mind are only a click away. Automated movement and speed alerts and comprehensive reports are just a small part of what we offer depending on

your requirements.

Security guard 2.png
Lone Worker Tracking

If you have a mobile workforce who sometimes may work alone such as a security guard or home care nurse, then you need a reliable personal tracking system that will increase the safety of your people and provide you with vital information at your finger tips. Our personal trackers allow you to monitor your worker's location, receive time based alerts should they spend longer than expected at one location. You can generate a suite of detailed reports with movement history, locations visited and so much more. Our personal trackers also have a self activated SOS alarm and an automated mandown function in case a person has had a medical episode and are not able to activate the alarm themselves. 

Kid with backpack 1.jpg
Personal Tracking

When our loved ones go out into the world it is very comforting to know all you have to do to see their current location is open our tracking app and all the information you need is right there in the palm of your hand. You can set up safe zones such as your house, schools and friends houses and the receive alerts when the person arrives at and departs from them. Our personal trackers are equipped with many safety functions such as SOS alarm and two way calling plus a listen in function.